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A Brief History of Hamas

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Can the Members of Congress Afford to Live in D.C.?

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How a prosecutor secures an indictment from a grand jury

Law professor and former prosecutor Mushtaq Gunja explains how the grand
jury works in criminal prosecution, and whether this century-old position still
makes sense in the current justice system.

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Why there are fewer African American players in the Major League?

A former baseball player goes on a journey to figure out what has happened to all the Black baseball players and what is being done to bring them back?

How Algorithms Work On Popular Dating Apps

Like many e-commerce sites and streaming services, dating apps are
using algorithms to recommend the "best" options for their users.

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Why There Are So Many Haitians In the Americas?

In September 2021, a drove of Haitian migrants congregating at the Texas-Mexico border drew nationwide attention. Their story began with an earthquake that crushed Haiti more than a decade ago.

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How SF’s Affordable Housing Crisis Is Crushing Retirement For Its Low-Income Seniors

Low-income seniors in San Francisco have become one of the groups most prone to homelessness in the city. The reason? Many of them are paying 75% or more of their
monthly income on rent for so-called “affordable” homes.

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How can climate affect an ecosystem? The case of three species in California

California has been bearing the brunt of climate change in recent years as wildfires and drought transform the land. The film focuses on three species that are being negatively affected by the climate crisis: California tiger salamanders, acorn woodpeckers, and monarch butterflies.

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Meet San Francisco's last Patrol Special Officer

Alan Byard has been patrolling San Francisco for more than four decades and is the city’s last Patrol Special Police Officer. He and his Ford Crown Victoria are the remaining symbols of community policing and possible solutions to the city's surging crime rates.

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Afghan refugees struggle with their new life in East Bay

Three months after the Qadari family fled the Taliban, the family is still struggling to find footholds in Fremont, California. More than 5,000 Afghans live in a neighborhood in this East Bay city, nicknamed "Little Kabul."

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Why Taylor Swift is rerecording her albums?

Taylor Swift has been championing music ownership and rerecording her albums. But for many artists, owning music remains a rare privilege when major music labels still dominate the industry.

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Will inflation destroy the U.S. economy?

The U.S. is riding the largest inflation wave since the Great Recession of 2008. The FED believes it's a sign of recovery from the economic shutdown caused by the pandemic, but how long will the price surges last? History might have the answer.

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How a nonprofit protects San Francisco Bay for 60 years

In 1961, three Bay Area residents decided to resist reckless urban development and founded Save The Bay. Today, the nonprofit is actively restoring wetlands across the Bay Area. Their goal: 100,000 acres of restored tidal marsh to protect the region from the upcoming climate crisis.

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Oakland-based muralist on art, community, and love for BIPOC

Rachel Wolfe-Goldsmith is a Muralist, Painter, and Creative Director. Adopted and of Nigerian, Jewish, and European heritage, she is interested in shaping culture through large-scale imagery. Her compositions seek to reflect the culture, moments, and dreams that shape her communities.

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History explains why Hong Kong should be a nation

The book from Hong Kong doctor-historian Tsui Sing-yan documents the birth of Hong Kong civil nationalism and offers guidance for its development under an oppressive regime.

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