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Chris Chang

June 2023 – Aug 2023

The Washington Post - Video Producer

  • Cooperated with the global teams at the Video Hub and delivered daily news packages on breaking news, politics, and climate using sources across wire services and social media.

  • Supported live news coverage with camera operation and technical support both in the field and control rooms.

  • Shot and produced original video content and explainers with Sony FS5 / FS7 and Canon C300.

  • Scripted, performed, and edited vertical news videos for Post's TikTok and Instagram accounts and offered general editing/videography support across the department.

May 2022 – Sept 2022

PBS - Digital Media Producer

May 2022 – Aug 2022

The San Francisco Standard - Video Producer

  • Scripted, shot, and produced mobile-first videos tailored for social media platforms, including TikTok and Instagram.

  • Pitched, researched, and supported video production covering communities, education, and politics across San Francisco.

  • Collected and analyzed viewer data, including retention, watch time, and engagement for content optimization, which led to the growth of more than 5,000 followers on TikTok within three months.

June 2017 – Jul 2021

Taiwan News - Video Producer / Social Media Team Lead

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